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Dr Nicole AN

Dr Nicole AN graduated from the University of Milan, Italy with an MD degree as a doctor in Medicine and Surgery.

She moved to the United States with her family after completing her studies in Italy and decided to start a business in the healthcare sector due to her passion for helping the sick while trying to be board certified in the United States.


Dr Nicole AN is originally from Cameroon, in West Africa. She left her native country in 1994 to pursue her dream to become a physician

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Passion Statement

I decided to start a healthcare company after moving to Georgia due to my passion for working with seniors and helping the sick and needy. Going to the grocery store and library every day, I realized there are many people out there who needed help even if it is just companionship.

Above all, thinking about my own aging mother who after 6 kids is now by herself, I realized it will be a wonderful idea to start a company to help people like her with activities of daily living and companionship. From there the idea of starting C&C Healthcare Services Inc was born.